Keerati Plodprong


Woman Coach for Empowerment & Resilience mastering on NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy

About Keerati

Keerati believes that coaching to bring about self-esteem and resilience by having consciousness and truly understanding the problems in life is just a life journey, not only a destination to achieve.
Keerati’s life experiences have become a journey that enlightens her to help and support women in rediscovering self-love and self-care to bring about joy, strength, and mental security as well as beauty from the inside.

Keerati believes that every woman has her own journey where she faces challenges as a working woman who is as competent as a man or as a mother who takes care of her family and children.
Keerati’s personal learning experiences from world leaders in NLP from the UK, Time Line Therapy from Australia, and Image Consulting and Etiquette from the UK have distinguished her from other coaches. She utilizes all her knowledge and experiences to provide a transformation to her clients.
Keerati believes that all women deserve happiness and success in their lives. Empowerment and resilience to regain a quality and happy life are her gifts to you.

Vision & Values

Keerati believes that we all can grow from our life experiences either good or bad, ups or downs. We all need healing and trust in our ‘resilience’ ability, knowing that we can bounce back even higher to recreate the new version of ourselves full of self-love and rebuild the new life that we deserve.


A Virgo woman who is passionate, ambitious, and creative, Coach Keerati is a caring mother of 2 children who also manages times working as a Health & Wellbeing Guru.



The Tad James Co.

  • Certified Trainer Of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Completion Certification Hypnosis Trainers Training


Imageasia Academy Of Image Mastery* London Image Institute

  • Image Essentials
  • Image Essentials & Advanced Practitioner

The style Core Institute At The Academy of Image Mastery

  • Certified The Identity Master Class
  • Certified Essentials For Stlying Men
  • Certified The Style Transformation Masterclass

The English Manner

  • Certified Of English Manner Train The Trainer Course
  • Certified Essential English Etiquette