Signature SERVICES

Reclaim your life and shine from within

Keerati’s coaching techniques are designed to help clients realize and discover their hidden power within themselves. The essence of being a woman is our unique ability to be so many parts of ourselves. Our role as women can be very demanding, and there are times when juggling everything can feel like too much. Our uncertainty, self-doubt, and frustration increase while our self-confidence lessens. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization is, therefore, essential to helping us live our lives freely and happily every day.
Keerati Service 1 : Changing Belief System Course

Changing Belief System Course

1 Session Coaching

  • For those who yearn to discover, learn, and understand your insight.
  • For those who seek to change their Limiting Belief, which is a significant obstacle to life development, into Supporting Belief to better their lives.
  • For those who seek growth and development in various aspects of life to lead their lives to inner peace.
Keerati Service 2 : Creating Your Future

Creating Your Future

4 Sessions Coaching

  • For those with goals in their lives who yearn to achieve them.
  • For those who seek to make a change and upgrade their quality of life.
  • For those who have tried to set goal(s) in their lives but not yet achieved them.
Keerati Service 3 : Personal Breakthrough

Personal Breakthrough

7 Sessions Coaching

  • For those who have been stuck in the same problems in life for a long time and are seeking an answer and a way out for themselves.
  • Those who long to be released from something in their past to gain independence and find alternatives to recreate their lives.
  • Those who strive to create the best possible life for themselves to be happy and content.